Amazon Fire 7 Tablet: Product Review

amazon fire 7" tablet

Most of the tablets available under $100 come with an inferior build quality and slow performance; for less than half that price, Amazon offers its value-packed tablet without cutting too many corners. The Amazon Fire 7” is loaded with a user-friendly operating system that includes parental controls and access to the universe of Amazon’s multimedia content. There is probably no other tablet that offers such a colorful screen, solid design/build quality, and suitable performance and battery life at Fire’s price point. A quick glance at the following key specifications indicates that there is virtually no competitor for the Fire 7” under $50:

• Weight and Thickness: 313 grams, 10.6mm thick

• Display: 7 inch IPS Display, 600x1024 Resolution @ 170ppi

• Processor & RAM: Quadcore 1.3 GHz, 1GB RAM 

• Operating System: Fire OS 5 UI (Customized Android OS)

• Storage: 8 GB Internal, MicroSD card up to 128GB

• Cameras: Primary 2MP, Secondary VGA

• Communications and Sensors: Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth, Accelerometer

Amazon Fire 7" Break-Down

amazon fire 7

Design & Build Quality

The Amazon Fire 7" Tablet sports a thick plastic shell and offers a sturdy build without being particularly heavy or thick. Amazon claims that the tablet is twice as durable as the iPad Mini 4 is, and I certainly believe them. The rounded edges make it easier to hold the tablet comfortably, and power/volume buttons are also adequately placed.

Operating System and Performance

Although the Fire Tablet lacks the variety of Android or iOS apps and the Google Play Store, its user-friendly operating system is loaded with features to make life a bit easier, including parental controls allowing more control over children’s digital activities. The Fire Tablet is particularly suited for Amazon prime members having access to more than 38 million movies, songs, books, TV shows, and so on. The tablet does a great job at what it’s primarily meant to do - provide users with Amazon’s universe of multimedia content on a color-rich display. Performance-wise, the quad core processor combined with 1GB ram won’t break any benchmark results, but should suffice for day-to-day usage including watching videos, surfing the internet, etc.

Parental Controls

Amazon’s parental controls allow linking two adult accounts as with up to 4 children’s accounts on the tablet. This allows each person to have his/her separate account, apps, and other content ready when they log-in to their account. Unique restrictions can also be setup for each profile to better control access to the tablet’s resources. Purchases can be password protected and, by default, a child’s account has no access to contacts, the silk browser, social apps, email, or even the camera. You can set the tablet to allow playing games only after reading for 30 minutes. Parents can opt to receive a report of what their child has been doing on the tablet.

Display & Audio

People usually don’t expect miracles when it comes to displays of under $50 tablets, but surprisingly, Fire comes with a 7-inch IPS display that offers rich colors, excellent viewing angles, and no washout. The screen resolution is not HD, but with its high quality, it’s easy for users to overlook it. The pixelation is not very noticeable. Though the brightness levels are not as good when using the device outdoors or in a brightly-lit environment, overall, it’s hard to find such a quality display in this price range. There isn’t anything outstanding about the built-in speaker, but you can plug in a pair of headphones and enjoy your music, multimedia content, and games.

Thanks to my toddler, I know that these speakers can get plenty loud without suffering a loss of sound quality.​

Battery Performance

According to Amazon, the tablet should easily last for up to 7 hours of mixed use including watching videos, surfing the internet, listening to music, etc. That’s a tad less than the average life of budget tablets so there shouldn’t be any complaints in this regard. The tablet should give you enough juice to go through your busy day on a single charge.


  • Exceptional value for a tablet under $50
  • Good IPS display with excellent viewing angles
  • User-friendly operating system and software features
  • Easy access to the world of Amazon's content
  • Pretty good battery life


  • Poor gaming performance
  • Not as many apps as the Google Play Store
  • Tablet sometimes slows down when switching between apps
  • Tiny speakers

Already sold on the idea of getting an Amazon Fire 7" Tablet? Here's a video with 10 hidden features of the tablet that you should definitely check out!


The Amazon Fire Tablet 7" offers a terrific value for the price. Though it’s not the best tablets around, it is one of the best in its price range. Some people may be put off by the lack of Google Apps, but the tablet offers many software features to keep things going. I dare you to try to find a tablet that offers these features for under $50! (My family owns about 4 of them!)

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