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apple ipad pro

Apple’s iPad Pro is the company’s largest tablet and takes the iPad experience to a whole new level. A gorgeous 12.9 display combined with powerful internals and the “Pencil” makes iPad Pro one of the most desirable gadgets out there. For some, it’s a large tablet to which they can attach a keyboard and do some typing. Others see it as a compact laptop with a detachable screen for maximum portability. Apple wants iPad Pro to be perceived as a media hub, a tool for getting creative, and a decent word processor. It perfectly suits those casual users who don’t need a “regular” laptop with them all day long. Let’s have a look at the key specifications first before going any deeper.

ipad pro 12.9

• Weight and Thickness: 713 grams, only 6.9mm thick

• Display: 12.9 Inch LED-Backlit IPS Display, 2048x2732 pixels @264ppi, Oleophobic coating with a scratch-resistant glass protection

• CPU/GPU/RAM: Dualcore Apple A9X, Power VR Series 7 12-core graphics, 4 GB RAM 

• Operating System: iOS 9, Upgradable to iOS 9.3

• Storage: 32/128/256 GB Internal memory

• Camera: 8MP Primary autofocus camera, 1.2MP Secondary Camera

• Connectivity: Wifi a/b/g/n/ac, BT v4.0, GPS (Not available in Wi-Fi Version), GLONASS, NFC, USB v3.0

• Sensors: Fingerprint, accelerometer, compass, gyro, barometer

• Battery: Li-ion 10307 mAh Battery (Non-removable)

• Other features: Support for Styles (Pencil), Stereo Speakers (4 speakers)

Apple iPad Pro 12.9" Features

Design and Build Quality

Compared to an A4 paper sheet, iPad Pro is around a centimeter bigger in both directions and weighs 50 grams less than the Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4. The back of iPad Pro has a brushed metal finish, as is the case with Apple’s other devices. The tablet features four speakers - two on top and two on the bottom - that pump out some serious sound. No matter how you hold the tablet, you’ll still be able to hear from two of the speakers. Being a 12.9-inch device, you cannot expect to operate it with just one hand. It's not only large, but it’s also heavy and slippery from the back. Although not the slimmest device around, at 6.9mm it's still able to help offset some of the disadvantages caused by the weight and large footprint.

ipad pro 12.9 back

Display & Speakers

The display is undoubtedly the key selling feature of iPad Pro and brings your videos, pictures, web pages and whatever you do on it, to life. A 12.9-inch display is perfect for watching movies, playing games, reading e-books and surfing the internet. The display is bright, reveals accurate colors and offers deeper blacks. Although a 4:3 screen makes the device ideal for web surfing and reading e-books, it’s not quite so perfect for watching 16:9 HD content, as black bars start to appear above and below the videos. But think about it, a near-square 4:3-inch display allows you to run two apps side my side (Split Screen Mode) with each having the same resolution as an iPad Air.

The tablet features four speakers that pump out a crisp and quality sound. Watching movies and online videos is an absolute delight thanks to the gorgeous display and powerful stereo speakers.

Operating System and Performance

The Apple A9X processor combined with 4GB of RAM makes iPad Pro the most powerful device (non-Mac) ever made by Apple. You can open as many apps as you like without any lag, including heavy apps such as Adobe Photoshop. The tablet also future-proofs your investment and contains enough raw power to run future apps comfortably. Like other Apple handheld devices, iOS 9 and its features are a standard affair for the iPad Pro, but the Split Screen feature works well on the 12.9-inch display.

Battery Life and Cameras

Apple promises that iPad Pro will last around 10 hours during web browsing or video playback; in real world tests, it lasts for 10 hours while browsing and 7.5 hours during video playback. That isn’t bad, as a 4:3 ratio display is better suited to browsing and reading instead of watching videos. The 8MP primary camera captures images with a good amount of detail and color, but also contains some noise. The secondary camera is good enough for video chats and casual selfies.

Apple Pencil

apple pencil

iPad Pro owners can also buy a smooth white plastic stylus called the Apple Pencil with a rubberized tip that comes loaded with sensors to help users write and sketch with style. The Pencil produces different results according to the angle and pressure applied. The Pencil is chargeable in very little time through the tablet’s Lightning port and can hold the charge for a good couple of days.

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  • Gorgeous and very useful display
  • Excellent build quality
  • Extraordinary sound performance
  • Apple Pencil makes it easier to take notes and draw


  • Large and heavy, unusable with one hand
  • Mediocre battery life

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Although iPad Pro may not be an adequate laptop replacement for many, it’s still a solid tablet that offers enough power and battery to keep things going well. It’s perfect for anyone wanting a more powerful and larger iPad with better multimedia capabilities.

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