What Are the Best Earbuds to Buy? Product Reviews 2017

What Are The Best Earbuds Reviews

You’ve got a stash of top tunes on your mobile, but you want that music to go directly into your ears and nowhere else. You don’t want to wear headphones since you’re a narcissist and don’t want your perfect hair to be messed up. The solution is a pair of well-made earbuds.

If you’re wondering exactly what are the best earbuds, I’ve researched five to bring those lovely vibes direct to your brain.

Top-Rated Earbuds - Comparison Table

Reviews of the Best Earbuds

1. JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme-Xplosivs

JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme Xplosivs

The JVC HAFX1X Xplosivs are an excellent example of earbuds done right. The Xplosivs are very well made with a good length cable and a gold-plated plug, just so you can brag about it.

The audio is fantastic, and if you like listening to music with lots of deep bass, the Xplosivs are exceptionally good at funneling that straight to your brain. They’re as good as the Beats ear buds, if not better, and they cost a lot less too.

The cord might be a little long for some people, at 1.2 meters, but it does mean you won’t have to be carrying every device around that you want to connect these buds too.

JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme Xplosivs 2

Special Features

  • Gold-plated plug
  • 1.2m long cord
  • ​Fantastic audio
  • ​Mantle-deep bass
  • Great value for the money

If you’re still asking, “What are the best earbuds?” then I could easily point at these and be done with it. They rate well in the areas where it counts; audio, longevity, and comfort.

2. Symphonized NRG Wood Headphones

Symphonized NRG Wood Headphones

Next up are the Symphonized NRG Wood Headphones. Featuring rich and powerful sound, they’re a good way to deafen yourself if you always like to crank up the volume!

The bass is also great with lots of resounding booms that make you feel like you’ve got your head placed right next to a speaker in a club (don’t try that, I’m sure I’ve lost part of my hearing from it).

There’s a built-in mic on the line which allows you to take, answer or end calls as well as skipping music tracks if you come across a song you’re a bit bored with.

The other distinguishing feature here is that the earplugs are made of wood. They’re sturdier than plastic but weigh a bit more. They also come in three sizes to choose from when you order.

Symphonized NRG Wood Headphones 2

Special Features

  • Powerful sound & deep bass
  • Built-in microphone - answer/end calls and skip tracks
  • All-Natural wooden headphones

The NRG Wood Headphones are great for listening to music or taking calls from your phone. They generate a lot of sound, and they’re great value for money!

3. SoundPEATS Q800 Neckband Bluetooth Earbuds

SoundPEATS Q800 Neckband Bluetooth Earbuds

The SoundPEATS Q800 features a magnetic lock which is really handy for keeping the wires all together and saving them from potential wear and tear.

Combined with the lightweight and sturdy materials used, the Q800 should last you quite a while.

As long as you don’t try to use it as a skipping rope, you should be okay. It’s also wireless, using Bluetooth to connect to up to two devices simultaneously.

There’s an active noise cancellation in effect which helps to drown out unwanted noise, and it’s pretty effective at doing just that.

SoundPEATS Q800 Neckband Bluetooth Earbuds 2

Special Features

  • Magnetic lock (EZ lock design)
  • Ultra-light + sturdy materials
  • ​Bluetooth - Connect 2 devices at once
  • ​Noise cancellation
  • Wireless (Up to 10 hours of talk/play time)

These SoundPEATS are light enough that you might forget you’ve got them plugged into your ears. The battery will last for up to ten hours worth of talk or play time so even if you’re Mr./Mrs. McChatty, you’ll still have power left to listen to your favorite songs.

4. iLuv iEP322BLK City Lights In-Ear Earphones

ILuv IEP322BLK City Lights In Ear Earphones

The iLuv iEP322BLK utilizes high-performance speakers to ensure your eardrums will explode with joy… and pain, probably a lot of pain – but it’s a price worth paying, right? They’re lightweight and compact, so when you’re not using them, you can store them in a pocket ready for your next musical blast.

The plug on these is also gold-plated – which can conduct electricity better, but as to whether it actually gives you better sound also, you’ll have to decide for yourself.

The adjustable slider completes the feature list so you can let the wires hang how you like them, or just fidget constantly with it as I do.

ILuv IEP322BLK City Lights In Ear Earphones 2

Special Features

  • Adjustable slider
  • High-performance speakers
  • ​Lightweight & compact
  • Gold-plated plug

The iEP322BLK is a great set of earphones. It can be hard to choose exactly what are the best earbuds, but these certainly come close.

5. Sennheiser CX200 Twist-to-Fit Earbuds

Sennheiser CX200 Twist To Fit Earbuds

Sennheiser is back with their CX200 Twist-to-Fit earbuds. It’s a unique design and is supposed to maximize blockage of ambient sound while also being easier and more comfortable in your ears. As you’ve probably guessed, being on this list, it does a pretty good job at all three of those things.

The CX200 also boasts a high level of compatibility with devices like smartphones and portable gaming systems so if you do own several dozen devices you can flit between them all using just the one pair of earbuds.

Sennheiser CX200 Twist To Fit Earbuds 2

Special Features

  • Optimized for iPhones/iPods/MP3 players & PS Vita, etc.
  • Twist-to-Fit maximizes noise blocking & comfort
  • ​Herculean bass
  • ​Finger-contoured design
  • Widely compatible

The CX200 are great to wear and use. The sound is awesome, and the Twist-to-Fit mechanic is a nice feature that other manufacturers should copy.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve seen the list, you know which the best earbuds are and how they’re going to impact your life. A great adventure awaits you with music as the silver lining in all clouds. Does that sound a bit over the top? Plug them in your ears and tell me I’m wrong!

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