What Is the Best Wireless Gaming Headset? Product Reviews 2017

Best Wireless Gaming Headphones Reviews
ASUS ROG STRIX Wireless Gaming Headphones Review

There’s nothing worse than playing with a competitive team online, and you can’t communicate properly. It’s bad if your headset is sub-par and it’s worse if you don’t have one at all! I’ve had some very frustrating times because of these problems, and you may well have suffered too.

Knowing which headset to buy can sometimes be a problem because you don’t want to spend too much but you want to make sure you’re getting a quality piece of headgear. With these things in mind, here are 6 that do the job.

Best Wireless Gaming Headset Comparison Table

Top Rated Wireless Gaming Headset Reviews

1. ASUS ROG STRIX Wireless Gaming Headphones

ASUS ROG STRIX Wireless Gaming Headphones

Are you considering whether to get a wired or wireless headset? This offering from ASUS gives you the choice of both worlds! You can use it wirelessly for gaming PCs and PS4s or convert to its wired mode for PC, Mac, XBOX One, and mobile devices.

Want to use it wired from the comfort of your couch? The wire extends for 1.5m so you can sit in comfort as you dominate the battlefield.

If you are using it wirelessly, it’s handy to know that it acts exactly like a wired headset because of its detachable wire so if wired gaming is something you don’t tend to do too often, you can just leave the wires in a safe place somewhere until you need them.

Do you consider yourself more than a casual gamer? You won’t need to leave your seat for 10 hours with this bad boy as that’s how long it takes for it to need recharging.

You’ll also be able to control the volume and microphone with simple touches on the outside of the earpiece. This means you won’t ever have to take your eyes off the game to mess about with it.

Another really cool feature is the detachable microphone. Whether you’re eating dinner or maybe just playing a single player game and don’t want the microphone there, you can just remove the microphone and store it safely away.

ASUS ROG STRIX Wireless Gaming Headphones 2

Special Features

  • Detachable 1.5m wire for wireless(wl)/wired(w) gaming
  • Bullet PCompatible with PC(both) PS4 (both) Mac(w) XBOX One(w) and mobile devices(w)oint 2
  • Foldable design allows for easy storage
  • 2.4ghz wireless connection minimizes interference
  • 10 hours of non-stop usage
  • Crisp and clear sound

It’s easy to say the ASUS ROG STRIX is the best wireless gaming headset. It’s a good replacement for whether you had a wired or wireless headset previously, compatible with loads of devices and it just looks plain awesome!

2. Turtle Beach Stealth 420X Wireless Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Stealth 420X Wireless Gaming Headset

Sometimes you find yourself playing into the wee hours of the morning… and then straight through into the next day. For occasions like those, you need something with a longer battery life, and this is where the Turtle Beach Stealth shines.

With a whopping 15 hours of battery life, you won’t need to take any forced pit stops for most of the day. While it’s debatable as to whether this headset improves your sneak skill on sand, it is a quality product with pitch perfect sound.

The Turtle Beach is purely wireless and can distribute the sound so well that you’ll be able to hear every distinctive noise no matter how low it is. This ties in with its mic monitoring ability so you won’t have to yell like the enraged loons we can sometimes become; just talk at a normal tone and be heard by everyone.

I bet you’ve been annoyed by other gamers’ conversations before? The Stealth 420X comes with dual volume control functionality which allows you to lower the sounds of the game chat without lowering the sound of the game.

Turtle Beach Stealth 420X Wireless Gaming Headset 2

Conversely, if someone is talking too quietly, you can increase their voice without destroying your eardrums from making the game volume higher.

Special Features

  • 15-hour rechargeable battery
  • Speak at your normal level and always be heard
  • ​Dual controls for voice chat and game sounds for that perfect balance
  • ​Fantastic sound quality
  • Solid and comfortable wireless gaming headset

Having been a long-time fan of TurtleBeach, this headset is another hit in their range. It’s essential for those long gaming sessions where you want an amazing experience without the sore ears at the end.

3. PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset

Gaming on a mobile device used to be a bit of a joke, and it was generally only acceptable for very casual gamers. That’s changed in a big way over the recent years and here’s an excellent headset to go along with that trend.

Created exclusively for the PS4, it also works with the PS3, and for those who get bored of the appearance too quickly, you can change the faceplates, giving your headset a whole new look without having to shell out for a completely new one.

Another exclusive feature of this headset is the Headset Companion App, which allows you to download custom modes made for PlayStation which are geared towards enhancing your games sounds and music in ways which you otherwise wouldn’t have.

If you have a PC that you want to use, the PlayStation Gold Headset works perfectly with that too, as well as mobile devices including the PS Vita system.

Do you play games on the way to work or school? This headset also comes with a nice little travel bag, so you’ve got somewhere to store it and protect it from spills, etc.

Special Features

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset 2
  • Developed for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. Also works with PCs and other mobile devices.
  • Customizable look by changing the faceplates
  • ​Heightened experience via the Headset Companion App – exclusive to PlayStation
  • ​Astounding surround sound
  • 3.5mm cable included for use with mobile devices

The PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset is a fantastic piece of equipment. Take advantage of the bonuses offered by the Companion App and make your gaming experience truly astonishing because the audio of a game is as important as its graphics and gameplay.

4. SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless Gaming Headset

SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless Gaming Headset

Another frustration that can sometimes happen is lag. Whether it’s affecting your gameplay or your audio, lag is a pain in the rear end. The Arctis 7 combats that problem with its continuous frequency-hopping technology and works with PC’s, PS4’s and Macs.

Are you looking for a top notch 3D audio experience? The SteelSeries Arctis 7 also utilizes the same speaker drivers found in SteelSeries’ flagship $300 headsets, so they don’t skimp on quality either!

Sometimes a headset can put too much pressure on one place, so SteelSeries have designed the headset with adjustable elastic fabric which makes sure the weight is distributed evenly around your head and, basically, taking the pressure off you so you can concentrate on your game!

SteelSeries’ philosophy is that the microphone is the main feature that separates a gaming headset from a pair of headphones. That’s a fair point. When you spend a decent sized wad on a headset, you expect to get a decent quality microphone to go alongside the great sound, but many headsets disappoint.

The short story is many microphones don’t block out unwanted noise very well, so SteelSeries incorporate a bidirectional microphone which guarantees to reduce that audio clutter a lot more efficiently than their competitors.

SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless Gaming Headset 2

Special Features

  • Non-stop frequency-hopping technology to eliminate lag
  • Top level 3D DTS Headphone:X
  • ​Adjustable and elastic frame to minimize pressure points
  • ​Bidirectional microphone for the very best in noise reduction
  • For PC, Mac, PS4, XBOX One and Mobile

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 is an extraordinary headset with excellent features. If you love gaming and want a commendable experience, I’d recommend picking one of these beauty’s up pronto!

5. LucidSound LS30 Wireless Universal Gaming Headset

LucidSound LS30 Wireless Universal Gaming Headset

The penultimate headset on my list isn’t relegated to minion status. It’s a fully-fledged end-game boss of its own! Another headset with clout, it comes with a 15-hour span per charge just like the Turtle Beach and is constructed with premium materials to ensure it doesn’t disappoint.

The options on offer are fairly extensive and include an integrated microphone with a removable boom microphone as well, simple controls to adjust the game volume, individual game, chat and mic mute buttons and the ability to use cross-platform with PS4, PS3, XBOX One, XBOX 360, and mobile devices.

The foam ear pads and quilted head frame mean you can enjoy your game without the pain. Also included is the ability to pick up your voice even when it’s at varying levels so you can roleplay from the stealthy assassin to the commander in chief.

Special Features

LucidSound LS30 Wireless Universal Gaming Headset 2
  • Mighty 15-hour battery life
  • Solid, durable materials, so it won’t let you down
  • ​Integrated microphone with an additional removable microphone boom
  • ​Simple individual mute and volume controls
  • Compatible with PS4, PS3, XBOX One, XBOX 360, mobile devices, and PCs

Any gamer would be proud for these to adorn their head and the LucidSound LS30 Headset is well worthy of your attention. Designed to be fully functional as well as downright stylish, if you’re in the market for a spiffy headset, I’d recommend this one as a buy.

6. Corsair Gaming VOID Wireless RGB Gaming Headset

Corsair Gaming VOID Wireless RGB Gaming Headset

The Final Fantastic headset up for review is this elegantly angled piece by Corsair. Definitely suited for the fighter pilots among you, it’s VOID series is the family of advanced headsets in its range and caters specifically for a proper gamer like you.

If you’re a mega rich gamer living in a castle, or just a regular guy who likes to move around, the Corsair will keep you connected up to 40 feet away from your PC. Handy for those occasions where you decide it’s finally time for a bathroom break or to take in some sustenance.

The highest rating in our list for battery life, the Corsair beats the rest with 16 hours of non-stop action. If you charge them while you sleep there’s really no reason to ever take them off as they’re comfortable and lightweight yet robust and well built.

A special feature for the Corsair is its InfoMic, which includes the various LED lights that dot the microphone arm. There are indicators for EQ settings, Dolby Surround Sound, mute status and battery life, so you don’t have to feel to check or take them off to know what settings you have your headset set for.

Really useful for anyone who’s ever been annoyed by people constantly talking over them only to find out they had actually muted their microphone…

Corsair Gaming VOID Wireless RGB Gaming Headset 2

If the design of the headset isn’t stylish enough for you, you can customize the lighting it emits via the RGB customization options so you can play with glowing red or brilliant blue – whatever you prefer!

Special Features

  • Stay connected wirelessly up to 40 feet away from your PC
  • A mega 16 hours lifespan per charge
  • Unique InfoMic relays your headset settings efficiently
  • Customizable lighting with dynamic RGB
  • CUE Control for rapid respect of audio settings with just one control

Corsair has really come up with something special in this headset. If you’re into PC gaming and you want the best possible experience, the Corsair is an impeccable choice.

Turtle Beach Stealth Best Wireless Gaming Headphones

Buyer’s Guide

Since the age of eleven or twelve, I realized that sound was an integral part of a game, from the music to the ambient sound, all the way up to the voice acting. Your gaming headset is going to have a big effect on your games for just this reason, and you’re going to want one that gives you supreme sound, a classy look, and a gratifying experience.

This guide should give you some pointers to ensure you make the best buy for yourself and your games.

Character Stats

Hopefully, by now, you’ve got your eye on one or two headsets that you think will be a perfect fit. Will you be wanting it for console gaming or just the computer? Do you have numerous devices that you want it to be compatible with?

Top Rated Wireless Gaming Headphones

Are you looking for one with an extended lifespan to minimize the time you have to recharge it? Are there any particular features that you simply must have, or are you looking for something that matches your old headset as much as possible?

The reviews above should be able to answer your questions effectively, guiding you towards your perfect purchase.

Character Class

Each one of the six brands is a market leader, and they all have something special to offer. You might be a long time Turtle Beach fan, or maybe you want a matching ASUS headset to go alongside your other ASUS products.

They all have different abilities too, which all add up into figuring out which one you want to buy.

Gold Stash

A serious gaming headset is going to set you back a fair sack of your gold coins. If you want the quality, you have to pay for it. You're not going to be able to get the best wireless gaming headset without spending a little more than you would for a wired gaming headset.

Making sure a headset is the right one for you means money well spent and will net you a piece of gear which will last you a long time and give you many great gaming memories.

Best Wireless Gaming Headphones 2017

Final Chapter

Gaming is something you can be passionate about and can sometimes have a serious impact on your life. You’ve got to make sure you have some quality gear, including gaming monitors, gaming keyboards, a great sound system, and more. Awesome friends can be made and spectacular moments can be had, whether you’re hardcore or casual.

It’s going to be down to your opinion to choose the best wireless gaming headset for you. All that’s left to do now is for you to buy one of these headsets and maximize your gaming experience!

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