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  • Best Universal Remote Reviews (1)

    What’s the Best Universal Remote? Product Reviews 2017

    Whether you’re looking to buy a new remote for your TV or want to unify the control center for all your devices, a universal remote is your best bet.Universal remotes allow you to control a huge number of devices without having to switch remotes. They also save you money in the long run, since you […]

  • Best Headphones Under 400 Reviews

    What Are the Best Headphones Under $400? Affordable Reviews 2017

    You love your music. You’ve got a thick wad of cash to spend on a pair of top-quality headphones, yet there’s a whole throng of them clamoring for your money. What do you do? Which one to pick? Decisions, decisions.I can’t pick just one for you as there’s always going to be some variation in […]

  • Best 4k Blu Ray Player Reviews

    What Is the Best 4K Blu-Ray Player to Buy? Product Reviews 2017

    In the last year or so, there’s been a big increase in the amount of support for 4K Ultra HD resolutions. That is, a resolution of 3840×2160, four times more than standard HD (hence the “Ultra HD” part of the name).It’s been pushed by providers like Netflix, giving the consumer a wealth of content to […]

  • Best Laptop For College Students Review

    What Are the Best Laptops for College Students? Product Reviews 2017

    So, you are looking for a new laptop. With so many options out there to choose from, it isn’t always easy to pick the one that fits your needs. Are you a medical student, accounting major, science major, or a programming student?If so, there may be a specific laptop on the market that will provide […]

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  • Best Projectors Under 1000 Product Reviews

    What is the Best Projector Under $1,000? Product Reviews 2017

    Whether you are in search of a Home Cinema or Multimedia projector, it can be difficult to decide which one will both meet your needs and fit within your budget. There are many different projectors out there to choose from, so knowing what you are looking for is key in deciding which projector will work […]

  • Best 10 Inch Tablet Reviews

    What Is the Best 10-Inch Tablet to Buy? Product Reviews 2017

    Add Video Tablets are in everyone’s hands these days, having largely taken over from the laptop as an easily portable, yet convenient and functional computer. They allow a high quality of technology and software to be accessible to almost everyone, on a device that’s designed like a smartphone. But they’re a bit bigger and more […]

  • Best Affordable Headphones Cheap Reviews

    Best Cheap Headphones: Affordable Product Reviews 2017

    As someone who’s not really interested in audiophile-level equipment, where do you turn to find out more about headphones? It seems that the only market that brands are interested in today is the audiophile community.So how do you learn more about the best affordable headphones?Today, we’ve decided to help you out by creating a list […]

  • Best Chromebook Under 300 Reviews

    What’s the Best Chromebook Under $300? Product Reviews 2017

    Are you in need of a laptop but you can’t afford a new one, or even a decent second hand one? Are you looking for something that’s as portable as a tablet but comes with better features and feels more like a laptop?Welcome to the world of the Chromebooks.Designed to run using apps, they can […]

  • Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Reviews

    What Are the Best Portable Speakers on the Market? Product Reviews 2017

    Sometimes the audio quality of your gadgets and devices can be a bit….Dull.Whether it’s a computer, tablet or mobile device, the internal speakers can often leave a lot to be desired, and you have to buy a speaker to compensate. Other times you want sound coming from a particular part of the house, but you […]

  • Best Wireless Gaming Headphones Reviews

    What Is the Best Wireless Gaming Headset? Product Reviews 2017

    There’s nothing worse than playing with a competitive team online, and you can’t communicate properly. It’s bad if your headset is sub-par and it’s worse if you don’t have one at all! I’ve had some very frustrating times because of these problems, and you may well have suffered too.Knowing which headset to buy can sometimes […]

  • Best Rated Headphones Under 200

    Check Out the Best Rated Headphones Under $200

    For a lot of people, headphones are a commodity well worth investing in. They make your life easier, especially if you’re a frequent traveler or even if you just love music in general!However, the high price tag of most top-shelf headphones deters a lot of aspiring audiophiles. To such people, we say, “Never fear, lads! […]