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  • apple ipad pro

    Apple iPad Pro Review

    Apple’s iPad Pro is the company’s largest tablet and takes the iPad experience to a whole new level. A gorgeous 12.9 display combined with powerful internals and the “Pencil” makes iPad Pro one of the most desirable gadgets out there. For some, it’s a large tablet to which they can attach a keyboard and do […]

  • best tablets under 200

    It’s True: You Really Can Get the Best Tablets Under $200 and Here’s How…

    Getting a feature-rich, quality tablet for less than $200 does not mean you have to lower your expectations. With so many new and upgraded gadgets available on the market, you can even find a 10-inch tablet under $200. It only requires a bit of research.We’re here to do the research for you to provide you […]

  • amazon fire 7" tablet

    Amazon Fire 7 Tablet: Product Review

    Most of the tablets available under $100 come with an inferior build quality and slow performance; for less than half that price, Amazon offers its value-packed tablet without cutting too many corners. The Amazon Fire 7” is loaded with a user-friendly operating system that includes parental controls and access to the universe of Amazon’s multimedia content. […]

  • amazon fire hdx 8.9 roundup

    Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 Roundup

    A great product getting high reviews, most of Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 Roundup’s customers are not only satisfied with their purchase of this product, but with the performance it gives as well. People love the speed at which it runs and the feel of this product. The only negatives reported are related to the camera […]

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  • nexus 7

    In-Depth Review of Google’s Nexus 7

    An UltraSharp display, powerful core, and a well-designed exterior make Nexus 7 an ideal choice for people who want the best without breaking the bank. Nexus 7 meets the right checkbox criteria to be included in the top league of Android tablets. Nexus Tablets have always been known for fast OS updates directly from Google […]

  • amazon fire hdx 8.9

    You’ll Really Love This Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 Review!

    Virtually indiscernible from its 2013 model, the Amazon Fire HDX offers Dolby Atmos sound, packs a more powerful CPU, an updated Operating System and more functions aimed at family safety. Fire HDX offers easy access to your Amazon Prime contents, services and features with an easy to use OS. The gorgeous 8.9-inch display and Dolby […]

  • tablets with usb ports

    Where Are the Best Android Tablets With USB Ports?

    Have you ever wondered why most Android tablets have no dedicated, full-sized USB ports? The answer is simple: there is little to no need of USB ports on Android tablets. And, of course, it would break the dream of having created the slimmest tablet! First of all, there is no need to plug a mouse […]

  • ipad pro roundup

    iPad Pro Roundup

    Apple iPad Pro As phones have gotten bigger and more sophisticated, tablets are beginning to vanish from popular use. Apple’s iPad Pro attempts to change the game, launching as a tablet/laptop mashup. The iPad Pro attempts to bring all the bells and whistles of a laptop to the aesthetic of a tablet. Has it been successful? […]

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7" Review

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7″ Review

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab A series was introduced with an aim to target budget-oriented people who want a good tablet without spending a whole lot of money. Android tabs gained significant popularity in recent years due to the “openness” of Android, as a huge number of manufacturers started producing them at different price points. Samsung […]

  • Best Tablet Deals

    5 of the Best Tablet Deals for 2016

    It goes without saying that tablets are here to stay. Since 2010, when these devices started gaining popularity, they have steadily transformed the mobile experience with their larger screens. Although the tablet landscape is mainly dominated by Apple’s iPad and Android devices from Samsung, Google, etc., there’s a broad range of other versatile products available […]

  • cheap tablets for sale

    Where Can You Find the Best Cheap Tablets for Sale?

    Who doesn’t love a tablet? In today’s world of instant communication and speedy internet connections, tablets have become all the rave. Though most of them are a bit expensive, there are plenty of low-cost tablets that can still do a great job and perform most of the tasks you need. For a small budget, you […]